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Sexual Pleasure: What’s Blocking Yours? Our bodies were built to appreciate pleasure, and to utilize its biochemical production of brain chemicals, hormones, blood flow and circulation to keep us both healthy and happy. We are covered in sensory receptor sites designed to support our overall health and

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What People Are Saying

  • You are my new hero!”

    S. E.
    —Ukiah, CA
  • Kim leads with such an open heart, ease & joy.”

    —Nevada City, CA Awakening
  • Before I met my Yoni, I was feeling my very essence draining away. I watched in horror, and with bottomless sorrow, as piece by piece and drop by drop, my very love for life was draining. I began to realize that healing needed to take place in the body, in my sexuality and in connection with the earth. I am here now to say that I have received blessings thousands of times over and above whatever toxin I felt like earlier.”

  • The activities flowed seamlessly, the wisdom poured forth from every pore, and the sisters witnessed one another’s journey home to ourselves.  The work that weekend has changed my relationship with my own body.”

    —Ashland, OR
  • If you love your Yoni, please attend. If you want to love your Yoni, please attend. If you’re not sure what your Yoni is, but you want to know, please attend!”

    —Ashland, OR
  • It is a very Sacred and Spiritual journey with Kim, and with each session I open and expand even more.”

    —Ashland, OR
  • With Kim’s help I am experiencing the infinite vastness’s of my inner-self. I’m starting to feel the energy flows and feelings of ecstasy that are inside of me.”

    —Ashland, OR
  • I am feeling much stronger, and less vulnerable than I was before the weekend.”

    —Ashland, OR
  • Kim has beautiful energy and a healing touch. Whether present as teacher, healer, or guide to the arts of sensuality, Kim creates a powerful, loving experience. In her temple, you can truly relax into your natural self and soak up the nourishment and pleasure she offers.”

    —Seattle, WA

Come by and see me sometime!

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