FREE Video Class – Jade Egg Basics
MARCH 29, 2020
2:00 PM Pacific

~ Increase Vitality, Health & Pleasure ~

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Use of a Jade Egg is quickly rising in popularity!  From multiple mentions on late night TV, to doctors affirming the use of the egg as a pelvic healing tool, this ancient practice is proving to be a practical and profound tool for connection, healing, pleasure, and bliss!

Join me for this free basics class online via Zoom. It’s on Sunday, March 29th at 2pm Pacific. Even if you can’t attend the live Zoom call, sign up to watch the video afterward.  

In this live video class you’ll learn:

  • Why to incorporate a jade egg practice into your life
  • The 4 areas affected by a regular jade egg practice
  • Ideas for integrating the practice into your life – without overwhelm!
  • How to “Care and Prepare” for your jade egg
  • Why jade is a great egg to begin your practice with, and what other stones may have to offer


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