About Kim

I live in beautiful Ashland, OR with my partner Jimmy Nacey. I chose Ashland so that I could be close to my family, which now includes five glorious grandchildren. I often say that I have “lived two lives.” My first life was that of a rather traditional Southern California girl, born in Los Angeles, married by age 19, and raising two children along with my then husband in the beautiful and rustic community of Big Bear.

The bulk of my first life was consistently in service to mental health and wellness, primarily for young people. I have a long and distinguished background in the field of human development. With 25 years in the field of violence and drug prevention I have a deep understanding of our conditioning around intimacy and relationship, as well as the cultural blocks, deep shame, and downright abuse of our sensual/sexual selves.


I n 2007 I discovered Neo-Tantra, and its close relative, yoga. This was the beginning of my new “second life,” and soon a whole new world of health and well-being opened up. I have, over the course of these years, become both a Certified Yoga Teacher and Certified Neo-Tantric Educator. I have studied intensively with teachers such as Charles and Caroline Muir, Joan and Tomas Heartfield, Steve and Lokita Carter and The Human Awareness Institute. A profound highlight of my yogic training in 2005 was a two-month yoga immersion experience in the Western Ghats of India.

As my studies have expanded I have become a dedicated practitioner of Sacred Sexuality, while continuing to utilize neo-tantric and yogic principles, as well as other modalities.  I am deeply committed to moving beyond the Cultural Appropriation intrinsic to these teachings, and am inspired to offer wisdom and insight into the potency of owning and knowing your own Sexual Sovereignty. 

The unique blend of my earlier career with the healing and heart opening properties of neo-tantra, yoga and sex positivity have led me to creating a life led by my heart, and in support of others in the discovery and reclamation of their own deep sensual and sexual nature.

About Jimmy

JimmyI grew up a world away from my current life in beautiful Southern Oregon in America’s Rust Belt; the  boroughs that line the Monongahela River in the shadows of Pittsburgh’s aging steel mills. The son of Irish and Italian immigrants I was raised Catholic, married by age 18 and a devoted father of three by the time I was 23. Perhaps because my family of origin was deeply enmeshed in a culture of working class struggle, alcoholism and violence, I often sought solace in my spiritual life.    

My introduction to Neo-Tantra was experiential and took place when I was 15 years old. During an intimate experience with a young woman, I received what can only be described as divine revelation on the nature of woman and sexuality:  that every woman is Goddess and sexuality itself a divinely ordained spiritual path. At the time I did not quite know what to do with this information. It was in stark opposition to all other messages I had been getting regarding women and sex, but it deeply marked me for life. When I later came across information on Tantra, in my early twenties, I immediately knew it to be true. I recognized Tantra as both MY authentic spiritual path and the deepest expression of who WE are as humans. By my mid twenties I was feeling  so constrained by the cultural norms enforced so well by society and family, that I moved my little tribe to the west coast where I could breathe more easily. I was desperate to be free to lead a more heart centered life. The move was a good choice for me.   


For the last 25 years I’ve been working as a licensed Massage Therapist and exploring  Neo-Tantra more freely as my spiritual path. But most importantly, following my heart eventually led me to Kim Rose Keller, and the immediate recognition of our shared mission.  Together we are called to live a heart centered life of service in support of others as they reclaim their own deep sensual and sexual nature and the many values embodied by the Divine Feminine. The greatest of these is love.