Intimacy Coaching with Kim

Sex is life.

It is where life begins, where we all come from, and feels so good!

87% of married men who read 50 Shades of Grey claim their sex lives improved. They reported more foreplay, more frequent sex, and more communication about desires. (Lesson: talking about sex makes it better!)

woman-9951__18080% of women report faking orgasm. (Lesson: orgasm is important to everyone’s sexual satisfaction.)

An average sex session lasts for only 7 minutes (foreplay not included). (Lesson: we can do better than that!)

Sexual dissatisfaction is associated with increased risk of divorce or relationship dissolution ( (Lesson: keeping your sexual life alive helps to keep your relationship alive.)

Married couples who report higher levels of marital satisfaction also reported higher frequency of sex ( (Lesson: more sex means more satisfaction.)

I am here to support the integration, expansion and potential of your awakening.

I coach people around intimacy, sexuality and integration based on my own sexual awakening. When I began my (unexpected) journey into sexual awakening, I longed to have an accessible mentor or guide.

IMG_8759I discovered tantra after my divorce from a 23-year marriage. Tantra opened a whole new world to me. During that time I was blessed with a small group of close friends who were also on the tantric path. Together we explored, encouraged and elevated one another to support the integration of the experiences we were having into all aspects of our lives. I watched as this small group excelled in their lives — relationships evolved, creativity exploded, vitality and health was enhanced, pleasure expanded and many of us found our passion, our purpose and our path to great love, great healing, and great sex.

I am passionate in supporting others who may not have this type of group to explore with. Those who may be on the path to sexual awakening (or wondering what sexual awakening might do for them), but do not have a guide or mentor. I am that guide. I have expanded myself in ways that continue to surprise and delight me, and I continue to learn and explore and discover new part of myself every day. In finding my purpose, my gift, my offer and my passion, I am committed to helping others do the same.

I would be honored to support you in finding, integrating and claiming your own erotic voice and sexual presence.

Every day I talk with people about their sex lives (or lack thereof) — from what might seemingly be the more mundane to the beautifully outrageous. I invite you to explore the areas of your sexual life that may otherwise be pushed aside, shamed, ignored, lost or just completely forgotten.

Regardless if you are looking for deeper connection with yourself, partner(s), friends or acquaintances, intimacy coaching with me is designed to suit your deepest sensual, sexual, erotic life. Reclaim your erotic innocence to enliven and support your deepest desires, as well as your creative endeavors and overall health and wellness.


Six-month Coaching Program will include:
  • Access to the 21-day online Building Your Erotic Altar coursefamily-735231_640
  • A weekly phone call with me, designed with your unique journey in mind
  • Together we will create a practice designed for your one-of-a-kind brand of connection through your sensual and sexual self.
  • Understanding sexual exploration as an opportunity to transmute and transform old thought patterns that hold you back from the deep enjoyment and pleasure that is your birthright.
  • I will provide suggestions and practices for increasing libido.
  • We will have conversation about all things intimate — talk with me about the things you might never talk with anyone else about!
  • If you are a woman, you are invited and encouraged to attend my 3-day playshop, Tending the Temple: Sacred Care of Yoni at half price.
  • If you are a man or a couple (all sexual orientations welcome), you are invited to travel to Ashland for an intimate hands-on weekend at a reduced rate.

  • More pleasure
  • Increased libido
  • More sexual satisfaction
  • Expanded creativity
  • Enhanced vitality
  • Deeper, richer, fuller orgasms
  • Learn about female ejaculation — from the female or male perspective
  • Men, learn to separate your orgasm from your ejaculation
  • Heal past sexual trauma
  • Rid yourself of sexual shame, guilt or shadow
  • Claim pleasure as your birthright
  • Magnetize to attract your sexual match
  • Learn about your unique arousal system
  • Let pleasure be your guide
Phone Coaching with Kim
Phone Coaching with Kim
Phone coaching donation (30 minute introductory): $20
4-week coaching package (45 min session/week): $400
3-month coaching package (45 min session/week + emails): $1000
6-month coaching package (45 min session/week + emails): $2500

Price: $20.00
Coaching :
Customized coaching programs also available. Let’s talk!
Customized Coaching
Customized Coaching
You choose the amount you want to pay for customized coaching with Kim. It's a sliding scale from $150 up.
Price: $150.00
Your Price: $ 

I offer a FREE 45-minute “Breakthrough Call”, designed to support you in uncovering your own unique approach to fulfilling, meaningful and transformative sexuality.  Click here to schedule your call with me!!

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