— Sessions —

Learn the art of touch, the healing power of pleasure, and gain access to deep vitality through utilization of tantric principles, energy movement, presence and awareness. Each session is designed specifically with you in mind. Regardless if you are single, married, or somewhere in between, session(s) with me will assist you in exploring deep intimacy and healing wounds and blocks around your sensual/sexual being. I love to share and explore with both those who are new to tantra, or highly skilled and experienced. Wherever you are on the path of sensual and sexual awareness, together we will open into new and uncharted territory. CLICK HERE for more on the subject of intimacy and ecstasy.

Customized sessions are also available by phone or on Zoom.

For Men

Learn how to turn up your passion, your power and your pleasure!

Learn to enliven your masculine power, access deeper awareness and consciousness around love making, and to become a master lover.

Sessions include both instructional and experiential opportunity to help you heal and release old wounds around your sensual and sexual self.

Practice opening your heart to let more love in!

For Women

Health, vitality and pleasure is our birthright. Many blocks to this are directly related to our relationship with our deep, most intimate selves.

Sessions for women are designed to connect your to your Divine Feminine essence through utilization of tantric principles that will allow you to explore your inner landscape, open to more pleasure, and release wounds and blocks that may be hidden deep within your sacred space.

In these sessions, we approach the yoni as a portal to deeper self-love, expansive pleasure and rich self-awareness.

For Couples

Become both a healer and master lover for your beloved.

Learn and practice the skills it takes to feel deeply connected, create a safe and sensual space for deeper understanding, and open yourselves to more pleasure, passion and desire.

Sessions are designed to support your relationship vibrancy and aliveness by gaining the hands-on skills to love each other, and yourself, deeply.

Sessions may also include coaching to serve as sexual healer for your beloved.

Each session is custom created with you and your needs in mind. The sessions above may also include my partner, Jimmy Nacey. Jimmy brings an element of the Divine Masculine in a way that supports and encourages the growth and expansion of the Divine Feminine. Sessions with both Jimmy and I may include how to Honor the Goddess, Receiving the Touch of the Divine Masculine, or Tantric Session demonstration.