Tending The Temple:
Sacred Care of Yoni

Ashville, North Carolina
Nov 3-5, 2023

                  With Krista Love, Brook Underwood and Adey Bell

“When sleeping women wake, mountains move.”
—Chinese proverb

And we are movin’ mountains…as well as our bodies, our hearts, and our yonis!


Free Zoom Call: What is Tending the Temple?  Meet Kim and the magical space holders for the weekend.  Come listen to the vision and purpose, and ask your questions:

WHATFree 60 min. Zoom with Kim and the magical women of TTT

WHEN:  Wednesday, Sept 12. 5:00  pm pst/8:00 pm. pst

WHERE:  Kim’s Zoom Room (email kim@kimrosekeller.com for the link)




Tending the Temple is a 3-day playshop for women, designed to delight, awaken, and stir your heart and yoni in the brilliance and divinity of deep sisterhood.

There was a time…
There was a time when women were revered. Women were the leaders of communities because of their natural connection to the earth and deep empathy. There was a time when dance and celebration were a natural part of healthy lives and communities. There was a time when storytelling was an essential transmission of ancient wisdom, where laughter and sorrow wove together to imbibe life with the lessons needed to move through challenges with great courage and respect. There was a time when connection to the land was inherent in being alive, and reaping what we sowed was a daily practice and prayer.
That time is now.

There was a place…
There was a place where women gathered as a natural part of community life. There was a place where the initiation of first blood was celebrated! This initiation into menstruation recognized this human as a woman, and the power her first blood brought to all. There was a place where a bleeding woman was honored for the wisdom her blood carried, and where her passage to the underworld enriched the entire community. There was a place where a pregnant woman was honored for the life she carried. There was a place where the initiation of birth connected her to all those who came before her. There was a place where the lines that bless our faces, and the gray hairs that bless our heads were welcomed as the signs of life experience and wisdom to be shared. There was a place where passing through the gateway of death was celebrated as ecstatic and sacred.
That place is here.


Tending the Temple

We tend to the temple of our bodies with a spacious container, nourishing food, creative embodiment, and rest. We tend to the temples of our sisters with laughter, shared vulnerability, authenticity, affection, and recognition. We tend to the temple of the space; we allow our natural talent for beauty-making to emerge for the simple joy that beautiful things are vitalizing. When we tend to something we pay attention, we act as an attendant, we are of service.

This weekend is an opportunity to remember that being of service is effortless because each person is deeply attuned to themselves. The inner sanctum of stillness allows actions to emerge undisturbed and naturally. This inner attunement is a cornerstone of the space we hold. Kim and Krista have been friends for nearly a decade. Their diverse experiences and shared moments create a rich and succulent space where the Joy of Woman is held, welcomed, and celebrated. We gather together to attend to ourselves and the connections that nourish and sustain us.

Will you join us?

There is a revolution going on, and it is within each of us. For centuries, women have been separated from the deep connecting energy of our pleasure, of our sexuality and of our sensual nature. We know this is the most powerful energy we can feel in our bodies, and yet these energies have been severed, restricted, diminished, shamed, guilted and locked in the closet. It is time to bring them out into the light! Tending the Temple is an opportunity to open, examine, explore, expand and awaken to the delight and pleasure that is not only our birthright but is intricately built into the very design of our bodies. Creating sacred time for ourselves is important, and I would like to invite you to join us for a powerful weekend of Divine Ritual, Sacred Play, and Sensual Awakening.

This weekend includes:

  • Divine play and laughter
  • Deep dive into vulnerability and connection
  • Dance of the Divine Feminine
  • Yoni Yogi – A Jade Egg experience
  • Sensual yoga to open your heart and expand your capacity to receive
  • Sacred holding of the sisterhood
  • Yoni Dreaming—letting our answers come from the dream world
  • Yoni Speaks—giving voice to the unspoken
  • Deep healing – witness and be witnessed to heal the sister wound
  • BodyTales – free form expression
  • Sensual delights shared in the kitchen
  • Rest, reflection and rejuvenation

The Asheville, NC Tending the Temple is offering a unique experience as I am blessed to have three powerful women join me in creating this sacred space.  Meet Krista Love, Brook Underwood and Adey Bell



Meals and Saturday night lodging included.

Nov. 3-5, 2023
Asheville, NC

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This retreat will be facilitated by Kim Keller. For more information call Kim at 541-326-2007


Our highest priority in gathering together is for each person to be as happy and healthy as possible. In caring for each other as best we can, we request the following:

*for 10 days prior to the event, please refraining from risky practices such as going to large events with people you are not familiar with

*take practical steps to avoid contact with anyone experiencing signs or symptoms of illness.

*if possible, we recommend getting a PCR COVID test within 4 days before the event and bringing the negative results with you, for an extra layer of safety

*We will be requiring and distributing COVID tests upon arrival for our weekend together. We will be testing everyone at the door, regardless of vaccination status. 

Should anyone’s test result turn up positive, we will refund your payment, with the exception of a $150 non-refundable fee for administration costs.

If in the days leading up to the event you start to feel ill, have been exposed to someone with COVID, or test positive, we will also refund your payment for the weekend, minus the $150 non-refundable administration fee.