Tending The Temple:
Sacred Care of Yoni

Ashland, Oregon 

“When sleeping women wake, mountains move.”
—Chinese proverb 

And we are movin’ mountains…as well as our bodies, our hearts, and our yonis! 

Tending the Temple is a 3-day playshop for women, designed to delight, awaken, and stir your heart and yoni in the brilliance and divinity of deep sisterhood.

yo-ni; /yōnē/:

Sanskrit for the sacred space of vagina/vulva”

There is a revolution going on, and it is within each of us. For centuries, women have been separated from the deep connecting energy of our pleasure, of our sexuality and of our sensual nature. We know this is the most powerful energy we can feel in our bodies, and yet these energies have been severed, restricted, diminished, shamed, guilted and locked in the closet. It is time to bring them out into the light! Tending the Temple is an opportunity to open, examine, explore, expand and awaken to the delight and pleasure that is not only our birthright but is intricately built into the very design of our bodies. Creating sacred time for ourselves is important, and I would like to invite you to join us for a powerful weekend of Divine Ritual, Sacred Play, and Sensual Awakening.

This weekend includes:

  • Divine play and laughter
  • Deep dive into vulnerability and connection
  • Dance of the Divine Feminine
  • Yoni Yogi – A Jade Egg experience
  • Sensual yoga to open your heart and expand your capacity to receive
  • Sacred holding of the sisterhood
  • Yoni Dreaming—letting our answers come from the dream world
  • Yoni Speaks—giving voice to the unspoken
  • Deep healing – witness and be witnessed to heal the sister wound
  • BodyTales – free form expression
  • Sensual delights shared in the kitchen
  • Rest, reflection and rejuvenation

This retreat will be facilitated by Kim Keller. For more information call Kim at 541-326-2007