Lovers Tantra Weekend for Couples


In today’s world both the masculine and feminine are in need of healing. Tantra provides a map so that we may become each others healers. This is an ongoing and evolutionary journey that is continually alive between beloveds.

Join us for a weekend designed to assist you in the integration of Tantric Skills, and take your connection and love to a higher level. During this weekend, we invite you into our sacred chamber of tantric healing.

This workshop will change forever your experience of sexual intimacy. It will give you the opportunity to use your sexual energy to heal your body, open your heart and expand your spirit to states of unity and bliss.

The weekend will include:

Healing for the Divine Masculine

Through hands on work with your beloved, women will practice the skills to bring your man into a more heart-centered and connected experience of himself and his sexual self. Learn the art of lingam massage and base chakra work. Set in the sacred container of temple, we will explore healing the masculine through expanded sexual energy and pleasure.

Female Sacred Spot Massage

Men, take your sacred spot skills to the next level. We will dive deep into what is possible when we focus on healing the Divine Feminine through presence, intention and practice.

Live Demonstrations

You will have the rare opportunity to share in two tantric rituals. One for the healing of the masculine, and one for the feminine. For many with a deep interest in tantra, it is often a mystery as to what actually happens in a tantric ritual. After each demonstration there will be ample time for discussion along with questions and answers to prepare you to conduct your own healing ritual for your partner.

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Prerequisite: Couples must have experienced an introduction to tantric practices either through workshop, hands on practice with each other or direct work with a daka or dakini. This workshop will include some nudity, and will always honor the boundaries and desires of those in attendance.