— Women’s Temple Day —

When women gather, magic happens!

Together we will:

Dance the Dance of the Divine FeminineA solo journey of embodiment of our feminine essence

Explore Sensual YogaGetting into our physical body through slow and deep asanas to open heart and yoni

Experience Yoni Egg Practice together—A practice of exploration of our deep inner landscape, and a tool for opening to womb wisdom 

Opportunity to create your own Temple Day:

  • Do you have a group of women who desire a deeper dive into the Sacred Feminine?

  • Are you longing to deepen the connection of the women in your sphere?

  • Are you inspired to expand and explore with your sisters in the ways of old? 

A one-day experience creating time in Shared Sacred Space of the Divine Feminine designed to change the way in which you see, feel and experience your feminine essence. You gather the women, and together we will collaboratively create temple space and dive deeply into the mystery of our sacred temple.

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”  —Anais Nin

With a 10 woman minimum, I will travel just about anywhere on the West Coast to share the magic and profound wisdom held in our bodies.  For travel outside of the area prices may vary to include travel expenses.  

The flow of the day, and what it entails, will, in part, be created as we blend our energy together and receive guidance as we drop into a deep container of Divine Feminine Essence.  This sacred time opens us to heal, listen and understand in an embodied and empowered way.  The agenda is organic by design, and with the intention of allowing for a higher guidance.

• Minimum of 10 women, maximum of 15 @ $150 each
• If you have less than 10 woman the day is still possible with a slight increase in 
cost to each woman

You provide the location, a home with large living room is fabulous.
• Lunch and snacks provided by potluck style offerings from women in attendance.

10 a.m. – 5 p.m.  (can be adjusted as needed)