A 21-DAY ONLINE COURSE for women.

Cultivating sexual essence to  increase vitality, creativity, intentionality, and awareness. 


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Regardless of whether you are married, single, or somewhere in-between, this course offers a powerful practice designed to bring you into your most essential, sexual, sensual self.

Many women report struggling with their sexual nature for a wide variety of reasons. Whether you grapple with these challenges or you simply wish to expand your personal practice of self care, this is a delightful opportunity to drop in deeply with your own essence, bringing focus and attention to your deeper Divine Feminine spirit.

This is not a course about masturbation but a course about cultivation. The cultivation of your own erotic innocence. The cultivation of your own inner wisdom. The cultivation of your own vitality, magnetism and creative force.

If you are one who:

  • Desires more sensuality and succulence
  • Is looking ways to heal vaginal pain or discomfort
  • Wants more vitality, energy and creativity
  • Wants to explore sexual energy with self
  • Understands sexuality as a path to increased awareness, connection and spirit
  • Feels called to a deeper understanding of your own path to pleasure
  • Would like to increase your libido
  • Feels disconnected from your own sexual essence
  • Would like to enhance your sexual experience with a partner…

Then this is your invitation to begin a delightful journey of sensual self-discovery!

Sexual essence is essential in increasing our creativity, our vibrancy and our overall well-being. As women, we have a mechanism built into our bodies that is designed to support overall wellness that oftentimes gets overlooked. That “mechanism” is our sexual pleasure center.

Accessing the wealth of goodness from that center begins with you. Regardless of your age, sexual preference, or experience, practicing self-love as a sacred path to wholeness can open a vast new understanding of what is possible for your own health and happiness.

Sacred self-love has been known to:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Elevate moods
  • Support deeper sleep
  • Increase overall feelings of contentment
  • Increase optimism
  • Improve sexual response
  • Create more understanding of pleasure centers in the body
  • Increase someone’s ability to receive the pleasure they desire
  • Open hearts
  • Open access to deep inner wisdom

This course includes three full weeks of exploration, using resources such as: 

POEMS                         PRACTICES                         IMAGES

And four VIDEO sessions released on days 3, 10, 17 and 21.

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Once you purchase, you will have access to a “members only” portion of this website where you will have permanent and unrestricted access to all the lessons and videos.  Super easy to navigate, and designed to complete at your own pace.

Enjoy this journey!

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Bonus Option: Coaching

Take this course to a whole new level, and add coaching with Kim for only $300 more


Self-love is a BIG topic for many women. Unraveling layers of shame, guilt, squeamishness, disgust, numbness, abuse, neglect or misuse can be scary. If you desire my support in traveling through this course, in knowing yourself better, and in learning to understand, respond to and care of your most sacred landscape, I offer a one-month coaching program to go along with this course.

Self-love as a Healing Practice helps:

  • Heal sexual trauma and shame
  • Open your heart and yoni to receive love, nurturing and care
  • Connect your heart and yoni for increased creativity, joy and activation
  • Learn to utilize pleasure as a tool for healing

Private coaching with Kim is available along with this 21-day course. This package includes the online course for $197, with the added $300 coaching package ($497 total). Add a private one-on-one phone call with Kim each week of the course as you explore and examine the activities, meditations, movement and more within the course.  Take your self-love to a whole new level!

“It is my absolute passion to support you in deepening your self-love, opening to your deep sensual nature, and in reclaiming your birthright of pleasure and purpose.”

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