Discovering Your Succulence

~ LIVE At-Home Retreat ~

A 6-hour interactive webinar

Saturday, February 4, 2017
11am-5pm PST / 2-8pm EST


What is an “At-Home Retreat” Day?

Instead of traveling out for a retreat day, you stay in and “we” come to you!

You will receive a full outline of what you’ll need to surround yourself with in order to create a luxurious, sensuous, delight-filled, reflective, intimate experience with YOU at the heart of it.

Kim and Yeshe have years of combined experience in guiding women into their own unique wisdom, internal landscape, sensual satisfaction, healing touch and loving presence. This is a LIVE event with women from anywhere there is a computer.

During this “at-home retreat,” we will be utilizing precious essential oils, ancient tantric practices, and deep womb wisdom to support your awakening, creativity, joy, connection, and sisterhood.

Imagine having Kim and Yeshe in your home, inviting, inspiring and guiding you – along with women sprinkled around the world who are doing the same. We will be creating a Divine Feminine Field of connection, and utilizing that connection to build, enhance and inspire our own unique brand of empowerment.

This type of retreat is very unique. You will have the option to set your computer to “watch” Kim and Yeshe and the other women, or to also be seen by the women. You choose. Either way, you will have time throughout the day to interact, be seen and heard, share and listen, and be present with the power and potency of shared wisdom and sisterhood.

At this time in history it is super important that we come together – that we connect and step outside of any isolation or disconnection that we may be feeling. It is easy to get overwhelmed and withdraw – but it is time for exactly the opposite.


Who are we, and why practice with us?

~ Yeshe is Magdalene Priestess, Shaman, and Mythic Master
~ Kim is a Sacred Sexuality Temple Mama, Intimacy Advocate and Creatrix

Yeshe Chodron


Learn more about Yeshe at

Kim Keller


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Why would you want to join us for an At-Home Retreat?

  • Personal interaction with Kim and Yeshe
  • An unforgettable experience of connection between your sexuality and your aliveness
  • An awakened yoni that will guide and inform your most mythic self into vibrancy
  • A refreshed or brand new relationship with your Divine Feminine Essence and Sexual Energy
  • Deeper knowing that your desires can manifest with ease and grace

This At-Home Retreat is for women like you who…

  • Desire more depth, satisfaction and love in your life
  • Are excited to practice and embody tantric principles as a way to increased vitality and aliveness
  • Are interested in learning about the healing properties of essential oils
  • Desire having access to a unified awakening yoni sisterhood
  • Adore creating your own rich healing “nest” in the privacy of your own home.
Step in – Stand up – Be fed – Extend a hand
Hold a heart – Share a moment – Create magic.

Join us for 6 live hours of deep learning!registernow

DAY:  Saturday, February 4th, 2017
TIME: 11am-5pm PST / 2-8pm EST
WHERE:  On your computer, from the comfort of your home
LINK:  Zoom (a video conference link we’ll give you)
COST: $147. Bonus option: for $247 also receive an essential oil package

Note: If you aren’t able to be present for all 6 hours of the live broadcast, you can watch the recording later! All participants will get exclusive access to the video for a full week afterward.

Details for the day:

  • We will be together for 6 hours. Our start and end time depends upon your time zone. Please adjust accordingly. We will be broadcasting from 11am to 5pm Pacific time.
  • You have the choice to receive an essential oils package. These oils will be used along with each segment of the day. You can choose this option when you register (extra $100).
  • Everyone will learn the value and quality of these oils and how to best use them for your healing.
  • You will receive a complete guide for preparation of your at-home space, including the items you will want to have with you and how to energetically tune yourself for the highest outcomes.


Positive Feedback:

“Kim, The way you speak is so inviting and tender. The authentic words flow from your being with such sweetness. I thank you for all you feel, all you reveal, all you create, all you share. My life is richer with you in it !!!”

~ Ashland, OR


“I too have been feeling MORE and MORE these many last days. I am not alone….thanks for this reassurance!”

~ Ashland, OR


“Kim, that you for your gorgeous words…inspired and delighted!!! Mmmmmm!!! I would like to add juicy!”  

~ Canada


“I feel so understood, supported and loved! Thank you, thank you!”

~ Portland, OR


“Kim, your personality and energy is so beautifully balanced between the solid, nurturing, wise Elder and the down-to-earth, playful, innocent Child; an honor and privilege to behold. It was life-changing for me. It has opened a door to a path of healing and expansion I never thought possible until now.”

~ Ashland, OR


“I really appreciated the flow and ease and beauty. Every creative focus we embarked upon offered us the balance of gentleness and empowerment.”

~ Ashland, OR


“I’ve never been happier to be a woman! Thank you for helping me to reclaim my joy and creativity. Thank you!”

~ Bay Area, CA


“Exactly what I needed. It allowed me the opportunity to rise up to the things I was uncomfortable with. To be where ever I was with my emotions, and to feel supported by comrades. I felt like we were all accepting of one another, and where we were.”

~ Ashland, OR


“Kim, I want specifically to acknowledge the beauty that you are, and the magnificent way in which you surrendered to your truths and heart. I continue to reflect on the healing that we are doing not just for ourselves, but for all women. Bless you sweet sister, I love that we are in the same cauldron.”

~ Ashland, OR