Day 1: Imagining Your Altar

I am so glad that you have decided to join me on this path to expanding and exploring your own sexual and sensual self, and utilizing that energy to connect with your higher self.

heart-energy-767928__180Rumi says “there are many paths that lead to god; I choose that of music and dance.” I like to say “there are many paths that lead to god/dess; I choose that of sacred sexuality and conscious loving.”

In these next three weeks, you will have access to a new lesson from me each day. On days 3, 10, 17 and 21 you will also have access to a video in which I describe, model and share my own journey of bringing the sacred into my own self-pleasuring practice. I’ll be sharing why this is a powerful practice to bring more vitality, more creativity and more joy into your daily life.

kVEPcWcfSA2tgOpRz9Za__DSC0765The work we will be doing here is sometimes very subtle. We will start out slowly, and gently gain momentum as the 21 days progress. This course is designed to be practiced alone. It is important that we each have our own self-pleasure or self-cultivation practice in place separate from any sexual partnerships we may encounter. We must first find the Divine Essence in ourselves before we can invite a partner into that space of Sacred Union with us. And although the course is female-centric, I believe men will also appreciate the practice of combining self-love with the sacred.

IMG_2181Most of us have all masturbated at one time or another. Some do it with great regularity. Regardless of your relationship to masturbation, I want to invite you to make a subtle shift in the way you think of the practice. For most people, masturbation is simply “getting yourself off” or “taking care of a physical need.” It rarely has little more than an orgasmic release as its goal and can be additionally frustrating when that goal is not reached. By changing our intention, approach, and focus of our masturbation into that of self-cultivation and/or self-love, it changes everything about our interaction with our erotic innocence. This shift impacts our sexuality and brings a juicy approach to life. Cultivating the energy generated from our sexual essence, and then spreading that energy throughout the rest of our body, will impact, enliven, awaken and stir the deep center of aliveness.

Along with your own self-cultivation practice, you will also be constructing your own Erotic Altar. This altar will serve as both the grounding and creative force behind the energy we will be cultivating. Think of the altar like a vortex of energy with both the power to release and transform that which no longer serves your highest, as well as a vortex to create and bring into form that which you desire to manifest for your highest.

IMG_3052It is this creating, enlivening and shifting of energy that we are here to explore in these next 21 days.

Most days you will access a lesson with four different areas:

  • A brief note describing what the day’s exploration will be about.
  • A daily thought offered for your contemplation and consideration.
  • An activity or “to do” assignment designed to focus your attention on your Divine Essence.
  • A word, phrase or poem to be added to your daily meditation/practice/contemplation.

On days 3, 10, 17 and 21 you will have access to a video lesson.

A journal or notebook will be helpful throughout this course. Tracking and reviewing thoughts from early in the process will often inform where to take your practice in the future.

IMG_1273*Please note: we all integrate and process experiences in differing degrees, at an individual pace, and in our own unique ways. While these lessons are written to build upon one another, and while I recommend you do them in the order they are presented, I invite you to allow the timing to be your own. Some lessons may feel like more than you can energetically incorporate in one, two or even three days. For some, it may take 40 days to complete the material. It is far more important that you remain consistent about your practice than how long it takes to complete it. Please follow your own inner guidance as to how quickly (or slowly) you proceed through the course. Trust your own divine right timing.


Thought for the Day:

IMG_2600Today, we begin by imagining where we might start to slowly construct our Erotic Altar.

People have been making altars for thousands of years. The ancient altars were designed to be a focal point for a person’s religious devotion.I am suggesting we utilize an altar to focus our devotion to the pure essence that is the energy that created us and that drives us to our destiny and purpose… that is our sexual energy.

IMG_2349Finding where we would like to create our altar is the first step. Generally, a corner in your bedroom is a good place. However, I often move my altar from one place to another depending upon how my practice is flowing, the time of year, and what it is I’m wanting to create or focus on during different life situations. I have been known to build altars in the corner of my bathtub, a private area of my backyard, an extra bedroom, in the woods, or on my back deck. For this particular 21-day practice, I recommend finding a place where the altar can remain and be accessible for the entire 3 weeks. Place your altar some place you can sit in front of, undisturbed, for at least a few minute each day. I will give you more detailed instruction about actually building this altar in the Day 3 video. Right now, simply begin to imagine where you might place this altar.


Begin to gather items that represent your life. Choose objects that:

  • Hold high value in your life (i.e. sentimental items like jewelry or statuary)
  • Hold a special/sacred quality (i.e. sage, incense, crystals, oracle cards/stones)
  • Illuminate the space and reflect life (i.e. a mirror, candles)
  • Represent each of the four element (i.e. earth, air, water, fire)


Daily Contemplation:

Fill in the blanks to complete your own version of Rumi’s quote:

There are many paths that lead to god/dess;
I choose that of _________________ and  _________________.


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