Day 11:  Yogic Awareness

1009568_10201617818746905_1400898978_oOur bodies need movement to be vibrant, healthy and open to new channels of energy. Yoga is a practice that incorporates physical movement with energetic movement. We often think of yoga as a physical wellness exercise program offered at the YMCA alongside weight-lifting and swimming. However, the history of yoga is far more spiritual than that. Originally, the asanas (or poses) were intended to open our energy body to receive more, get activated, and access more universal flow and energy. Whatever movement your body likes, do it more. And do it with a yogic awareness of your subtle energetic body and the intention of opening to more full body energy.

Thought for the Day:

Sacred Movement

Moving our body with intention and purpose changes the way energy moves through our body temple. Any movement can be sacred when we identify it as such. Let your movement be inspired by the energy of your 2nd Chakra. Let the womb space inform the movement of the rest of your body.


10583815_529609197168324_3956691134281439110_nToday, you womb dance.

Begin your womb dance by finding music that helps you be in your body. You can get creative and utilize music that you love. Or you can also purchase excellent music at YogiTunes. I also enjoy a Pandora playlist entitled “yoga workout.” Although you will be occasionally interrupted by commercials, you can use Pandora for free. If you’d like to pay the monthly fee, you can have all the music you want without the ads.

Let yourself move, breathe, and feel your body fully.


Daily Contemplation:

“She danced the dance of flames and fire,
and the dance of swords and spears;
she danced the dance of stars and the dance of space,
and then she danced the dance of flowers in the wind.”

~ Khalil Gibran

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