Day 12:  Mini Walk-About

11354786_10153247926717778_770212151_nWhen we are in connection with our Divine Feminine Essence through our womb space and yoni, we will also begin to feel a greater connection to Mother Earth. She is the source of our very life, and She is what sustains all. Intentional connection between Mother, yoni and altar helps to ground the energy in the field of the physically manifested form. It brings an energy of The Great Trinity: Maiden, Mother and Crone. We are all of the Great Mother.


Thought for the Day:

As we continue our practice of listening, today we will both honor and listen to Mother Earth. In our busy lives in this 21st century, we can, quite literally, walk through a day without ever consciously interacting with Mother Earth. We wake to a list of responsibilities and “to-do’s,” rushing from work to errands to kids to dinner to bed to wake — and then we do it all again the next day. It is easy to feel separate from the Mother beneath our feet. And yet, She is what sustains our very life.


Mini walk-about. Sacred Movement takes a journey.

DSCN2706Today we take our practice outside. I understand it may be scorchingly hot summer, below-freezing winter, or anywhere inbetween. Dependent upon the season, you will know how much time you want to actually spend outside. The important part is to get outside, with intention.

Begin by visiting your altar. Give her a greeting, a touch, and an acknowledgement. Take a moment to also visit your yoni, and find an intention as your take your practice out of doors. Let your altar and your yoni help you set the intention for your walk. As you leave your home, notice your breath, and consciously take in the view around you. Keep an eye out for any little sacred items or messages that might come along as you walk. You may even find a little gift or two from Mother along your path that you bring home to add to your altar. I often come home with feathers, leaves, berries or stones of some sort that hold a meaning or energy of something I was thinking, contemplating or asking.

Somewhere along the way on your walk, stop for a moment in a place where you can stand on earth (not asphalt or cement). Reach down and touch the earth, inhale her scent, and verbally acknowledge this life giving force beneath you. In honor of the Mother, draw a triangle onto the earth and give her your blessing. Feel your yoni connection to Earth.

When you return from your walkabout, place any items you broimagesught home onto your altar. If you have no items, visit your altar for a moment and give her a touch, a prayer or an acknowledgement of some sort. You may wish to journal about any of the thoughts or experiences from your walk.


Here is an interesting read called “Forest Bathing Increases Immunity.”


Daily Contemplation:

“Most ancient symbol systems recognized the triangle as a sign of the Goddess’s Virgin-Mother-Crone trinity and at the same time as her genital ‘holy place,’ source of all life. The triangle represented the Virgin Moon Goddess called Men-Nefer, archaic deity of the first Mother-city of Memphis. The triangle itself was worshiped in much the same way that modern Christians worship the cross.”

~Barbara Walker, The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets

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