Day 13:  Integration

Integration is important, giving ourselves time to allow things to settle, to be absorbed, to find a place to “fit” into our lives. Today is about integration.


Thought for the Day:

Both our physical body and our subtle energy body can get into patterns and routines of how to navigate our world. It is said that it takes 21 days to either make or break an old pattern. These 21 days are spent integrating a new way of being. In this course we are re-patterning longtime beliefs about our sexual nature and our life vitality, as well as the connection between our sexual center, our heart and our mind. Many of these patterns have been culturally embedded for centuries. We are actively rewiring the presence we hold, and the way in which we move through the world. It is important that we not underestimate the amount of energy we are shifting, the long-held dysfunction patterns we are breaking, and the manifestational magic we are accessing.

This is big work we are doing.

IMG_3042Today, let us rest.



Ten minutes of silence.

Sit in a comfortable position in front of your altar. Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind. You may need to assure yourself that in just 10 minutes you will return to all the other activities that are calling for your attention.


Daily Contemplation:

I saw
   the Ancient
   the Knowledge
    the Mother
    the Sister
   the Timeless
-was held, rocked, loved, seen, heart, felt

heart to heart
eye to eye
womb to womb

Goddess to Goddess

~ Em Claire, 2006

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