Day 14:  Gratitude

Thought for the Day:


Years ago, long before I integrated yoga, tantra, or self-cultivation into my life, I experienced the power of living in gratitude. I was newly divorced living by myself in a new town, my children were grown and on their own, and I was feeling alone and rather rocky about my future. I also had a long-held belief that “where attention goes, energy flows.” kimfriendsI knew that wherever I put my focus would be what most flourished in my life, and that I had the ability to direct my attention on things that mattered most to me in the world. The move to a new town had also caused me to leave behind good friends. And so, I asked two friends to join me in a “daily gratitude” email that we would each compile every evening and send to the other two. Some days it was nearly impossible to find something to put on that list, but I did it anyway, without fail. It was, without a doubt, that daily practice that guided me into creating this life that I live today. Full of connectivity, heart, love, curiosity, adventure and community. It is the focus of my attention on what is most working in my life that supports my creating more of it, attracting it, accepting it, and living it. And for this, I say Thank You.


IMG_0341Drop into yoni space with your breath and touch. When you feel grounded in your second chakra, create your own gratitude list. I suggest a full sheet of paper with one word, thing or happening that you are grateful for listed in the center of the sheet. Each day, as you sit in front of your altar, add another thing you are grateful for. Keep it up every day. Reflect on your list with regularity.


Daily Contemplation:


“Acknowledging the good that is already in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”

~ Eckhart Tolle, Oneness With All Life

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