Day 19:  Quieting Thoughts

Yogis tell us that our minds create “a thousand thoughts in the blink of an eye.” Having this many thoughts flowing through our minds can create quite a chaotic and chatter-filled experience. And when there is lots of chatter in a small room (like a mind), it can often be difficult to catch on to the ones that matter the most, or more importantly, the ones that support the creation of the life we most desire. It takes great practice, and great skill, to quiet the mind of all this chatter, and enter into that still place where we can really listen and absorb the things that matter most.


Thought for the Day:

Listening with the intention to hear can be challenging. Random thoughts, distractions and noise often take the front seat, and listening for deeper understanding can become difficult. I’ve heard some it’s easy to listen but difficult to hear.

Today, think of a topic or decision or question that is burning for some attention. Hold that thought or question in your heart.


Open and balance your chakras. Find a place to sit and be still. Find your breath and follow the energy up and down through your body. Keeping your attention on the breath is also a tool to quieting the mind. When the mind is focused on the breath, it becomes easier to quiet the chatter.

During your cultivation practice, bring your attention to your womb space. After a few breaths, ask yourself the question or ask for clarity around a subject that is on your heart.

Ask again, and again if necessary. And then be quiet. Listen. What does your womb space have to say to you?


Daily Contemplation:

“I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.”

~ Rumi

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