Day 2: Begin to Build

IMG_2162Today, we continue to create the Erotic Altar space in our mind, body, spirit and home. It is designed to anchor us in the divine essence of our erotic nature. Keep envisioning and gathering the items you may use to create your sacred space.


Thought for the Day:

Constructing an altar is a process, not an event. By saying yes to this course and considering the construction of your altar, you have already begun the process of aligning your Erotic Energy with the larger energy of second chakra. (More on chakras in tomorrows video.) We do this by simply clearing space in our lives to consider and construct an area specifically intended to approach the sacred. I have heard it said that an altar is an external representation of an interior mystery. Diving deeply into our own mystery, we will begin to coalesce our deepest desires, our creative force and our connection to Source.


IMG_3040Other items you may want to be gathering for your altar are: fabrics, feathers, faux furs, seashells, stones, coins, photographs, etc. You will also need to find a small table or surface. I often use bricks and boards, covering them with a cloth of some sort. Altars can have varied surface levels. I will sometimes use stacks of books, upside-down planters or old shoe boxes to create depth and texture. Again, drape it all with a cloth, and the look is quite beautiful.

Begin to physically build your altar. Start out simple. It will grow and morph over the course of our time together, and you will know exactly what is needed along the way. If possible, take a picture of this “first rendition” of your altar, and if you’re inspired to share it in our private Facebook group, please do!


Daily Contemplation:

I have taken liberties in order to feminize this prayer written by John Mason for the Methodist Hymnal in 1683. Read this poem slowly, aloud, at least 2 times. Listen.

Now from the altar of my heart
Let incense flames arise;
Assist me, spirit, to offer up
Mine evening sacrifice.

Awake, my love! Awake, my joy!
Awake, my heart and tongue!
Sleep not: when mercies loudly call,
Break forth into a song.

This day god/dess was my sun and shield,
My keeper and my guide;
Her care was on my frailty shown,
Her mercies multiplied.

Minutes and mercies multiplied
Have made up all this day;
Minutes came quick but mercies were
More fleet and free than they.

New time, new favor, and new joys
Do a new song require;
Till I shall praise my self-love as I would,
Accept my heart’s desire.

Our life is a book of history,
The leaves thereof are days,
The letters mercies closely joined,
The title is Thy praise.

Divine of my time, whose hand hath set
New time upon my score,
Then I shall praise for all my time,
When time shall be no more.

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