Day 4:  Opening Your Chakras

chakras-310119__180Yesterday, in the video we practiced “opening and dusting” our bodies’ energy centers, known as chakras. For the rest of this series, you will utilize a Chakra Opening Practice like this one each time prior to beginning the “to-do” portion of the lesson. Today, I’d like to add a bit more practice to creating this opening.


Thought for the Day:

Becoming familiar with your own body’s energy system is key to accessing and utilizing your deep sexual energy. This energy will activate, inspire, energize, and flow in a strong and full bodied way. Each center carries its own subtle energy, and when one center is blocked or constricted, the others will be too. Historically, our second chakra (sex, creativity, life force) is oftentimes shutdown, ignored, shamed, or hidden. On the other hand, this center can also be exploited, misused, out of balance or what might feel like out of control. In this full body practice, each energy center is equally important, and each one needs attention and focus. As the movement of energy flows through each center, that flow is much like that of water through a hose. If your hose has a kink in the middle, the flow of water out the end will be constricted. If the kink is at the beginning, you will still experience a constriction of the water. Each center needs to be open and flowing. Opening our centers is not a one-time experience where you might say, “ah, I’ve done it, I’ve got myself open and flowing.” Instead, it is a continual practice. One might be more likely to say “today I really noticed a bit of a block in my 3rd chakra, so my practice today is focused toward my power center.” On a day when your third chakra is blocked, you may choose to wear the color yellow, eat more yellow-colored foods, or sit and feel the bright yellow sun on your face.

Other ways to support each chakra:

7 – Crown Chakra – White
Wear white or lavender colors. Shake your hand 1-2 inches above your head and “brush off” the top of your head.

course-lesson4-chakras6 – Third eye – Purple
Wear purple. Anoint your third eye with essential oil or a bit of body paint. Brush off your forehead; begin at the center and brush out to each side.

5 – Throat – Blue
Wear blue. Sing, chant, “om,” scream, stick out your tongue, move your jaw, neck and shoulders.

4 – Heart – Green
Wear green. Tap the center of your chest. Roll shoulders up and down.

3 – Solar Plexus, Belly – Yellow
Wear yellow. Absorb sunshine. Make spirals over your belly with the palm of your hand and/or fingertips.

2 – Sex/Creativity/Life force – Orange
Wear orange. Self-love your genitals. Squat. Rotate your hips in spirals.

1 – Root – Red
Wear red. Direct your breath upwards while lifting your pelvic floor, then exhale and release. Sit cross-legged and make spirals into the ground with your sitz bones.



Opening Your Chakras

You may wish to replay the “Chakra Dusting” section of yesterday’s video and follow along yourself. As you arrive at each chakra, allow yourself to feel that part of your body, that part of your energy, that part of your flow. Notice where you might feel constricted, confused or numb. Notice where those feelings might be originating from (i.e. your heart, your belly, your throat). You may wish to write a few of your observations in your journal or notebook.

Attached is a Chakra Map for quick reference. You may wish to print it out and keep it handy for reference during your daily practice.


Daily Contemplation:

The MogaDoa Mantra

Rest the Mind, Rest the Heart, Rest the Spirit
In the Essential Goodness of Being
And Feel it Passing Through
Your Beautiful,
Temporary Body
Into Eternity


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