Day 8:  Yoni Questions

Self-cultivation, unlike masturbation, does not have orgasm as a goal. Instead, the goal is to drop deeply into your sexual source. We all came into physical existence by the thread of sexual, orgasmic happening. 001-georgia-o-keefe-theredlistThat is where we all began, and it is where we all move from. It is our core essence. Here, we allow that core essence to inform our minds.


Thought for the Day:

Each day of self-cultivation practice, another thin layer of resistance or disconnect is peeled away. So thin are these layers that they are oftentimes imperceivable. Self-cultivation, like any practice, does not have a “finish line.” It is a practice that will continue to inform and enlighten both our awareness and our access to deeper levels of womb wisdom. As each layer is removed, it is quite likely that you will begin to feel, know and experience things you had not seen or heard or understood previously. This is an important time to start listening to the inner wisdom of yoni.


  1. Reflect on the reason you initially said yes to this 21-day course.IMG_1178
  2. Perform your version of chakra dusting
  3. Lay in a comfortable position and gently brush across your yoni area in a spiral motion. Clothes can be on or off.
  4. Ask your yoni: What part of this course most caught your attention? How do you feel about your erotic self? What have been your thoughts about self-love and self-pleasure?
  5. Write some of your yoni answers in your journal. And if you are unsure if you’re listening to your yoni or your mind, write down the answers anyway. You’ll know soon enough who does most of the talking.
  6. Place something new upon your altar. Rearrange a bit, dust things off, keep it alive.


Daily Contemplation:

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

~ Anais Nin

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