Day 9:  Listening

Thought for the Day:

150546_474320328850_7123390_nListening to yoni takes practice. She has been shushed and quieted and shamed for lifetimes. Culturally, we live in a time where intellectual intelligence is often held in the highest regard, and many of us have forgotten how to also live by divine feminine intuition. The next few days are going to be dedicated to deep yoni-listening.


11164814_10153285698508000_1913916120414326522_nIn preparation for tomorrow’s video, today we will simply share silence with our yoni. I invite you to create a space in front of your altar where you can lay down, uninterrupted, for 10 minutes. You may want to bring along an alarm of some sort (or perhaps the alarm on your phone). If you have the ability to adjust the alarm, be sure it will ring in a soft and gentle tone. No need to end your ten minutes in a jarring way!

Bring plenty of pillows and blankets and any other items you need to feel comfortable, cared for and cozy. Lay on your back, place pillows under your knees to remove any pressure off your lower back, and place your left hand over your yoni, and your right hand over your heart.

For ten minutes, lay in silence as best you can. When stray thoughts come along, attempt to not engage with those thoughts. Think of them like a train just passin’ on by. When the thoughts get too loud, you can gently and audibly say to yourself, “shhhhhhhhh.”


Daily Contemplation:

“Every peak is a crater. This is the law of volcanoes, making them eternally and visibly female. No height without depth, without a burning core, though our straw soles shred on the hardened lava. I want to travel with you to every sacred mountain smoking within like the sibyl stooped over her tripod, I want to reach for your hand as we scale the path, to feel our arteries glowing in my clasp, never failing to note the small, jewel-like flower unfamiliar to use, nameless till we rename her, that clings to the slowly altering rock – that detail outside ourselves that brings us to ourselves, was here before us, knew we would come, and see beyond us.”

~Adrienne Rich 1971-2012

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