Building Your Erotic Altar

online course with personal coaching

Congratulations on taking this step in your continuing and ever evolving self-love and self-care! By purchasing this course you will receive a username and password that will give you access to 21 days of guidance through exploring and connecting with your deep sensual and sexual essence.

Self-love as a Healing Practice helps:

  • Heal sexual trauma and shame
  • Open your heart and yoni to receive love, nurturing and care
  • Connect your heart and yoni for increased creativity, joy and activation
  • Learn to utilize pleasure as a tool for healing

You and I will also be working one-on-one so that you can get my coaching support. As soon as you join, we’ll set up an introductory 30-minute call together and schedule three 45-minute phone calls to do throughout the course. It’s a great chance to enjoy a private, one-on-one connection, and I can offer you personalized coaching for what YOU need.

I look forward to supporting you — and in knowing that women everywhere are healing through pleasure, and opening to bliss.

In love and light,

Building Your Erotic Altar ~ ONLINE COURSE
Building Your Erotic Altar ~ ONLINE COURSE
A 21-DAY ONLINE COURSE ($197) designed for those who are single or in partnership, bringing self-love into the sacred. This package includes personal coaching ($300): an intro call and three private one-on-one calls directly with Kim.
Price: $497.00


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