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Building Your Erotic Altar

A 21-DAY ONLINE COURSE for women. Bring sacred touch & intention to your self-love, and learn to cultivate your sexual energy to support a vibrant, alive, juicy life! A daily practice of exploring your sexual essence, connection and passion.  This is not a course on “masturbation” — it is a 21-day experience to bring you in communion and deeper connection with your inner-landscape, pleasure centers, feminine essence and the healing capacity of your own mind, heart and body.

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Jade Egg Audio Recording
Jade Egg Audio Recording
Jade Egg Audio Recording
Want to know WHY Jade Egg is a potent practice? This audio recording is from Kim’s intro class, and it gives the basics of why, how and when to use your Jade Egg (or other magnificent yoni stone!).
Price: $15.00

Jade egg
Jade Egg

Considered to be “a woman’s best friend,” this tiny tool of transformation is more than just a pelvic exercise tool.  Kim talks about it here.
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Kim’s Favorite Picks

See the exciting products, toys, and books that Kim recommends from Love Revolution.
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Deluxe Crystal Wand

This crystal wand can help you to practice sacred spot massage on your own, if you don’t have a partner. This sensuously-curved crystal Lucite G Spot Stimulator & Prostate Massage Tool is made for your pleasure and awakening. The S-shaped design gives you the needed leverage to easily find and reach the G Spot (sacred spot) and prostate (male G Spot) for effortless self stimulation.

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Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving

I highly recommend this book—written by long-time Tantra practitioners, Charles & Caroline Muir—as a starting point for anyone interested in Conscious Loving. As the introductory book for my own journey, it was the beginning of my transformation into dakini and yogini. I suggest reading it aloud with your lover for some extra added umph!

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Beginners Weekend
with Charles Muir

I have often sent friends, family, and clients to this weekend as an introductory course to Tantra and no one has ever been disappointed! Whether you’re with a partner or single, this workshop promises to give you hands on practice for opening to love, and connecting deeply with yourself and with your lover.

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CTE Level 1 – Tantra Mastery Course with Charles Muir

For those who’ve gone to the Beginners Weekend and enjoyed it, this 10-day workshop is a deeper level of learning and pleasure. The curriculum involves love coaching, Tantric therapeutic processes, sexual healing skills for men and women, hands-on demonstrations, practice, and much more. You will also develop an ability to teach Tantra to friends, private clients, and small groups.

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