Orgasmic Meditation – What’s all the fuss about?

In case you don’t know, right here, in our tiny little town of Ashland, we have a Southern Oregon Orgasmic Meditation Interest group that is growing in popularity by the day.  Shirley, Jimmy and Kim, the primary facilitators for these gatherings, have plenty to say about it!

“When I was first given the book, Slow Sex , I devoured it in a weekend,”  said Jimmy,  “and I recommend every man and woman interested in keeping or creating a rich sexual life with themselves and/or with another, read this book!.”

Nicole Daedone (the author) sums it up really well when she says “The ultimate outcome of OM is to return the center of our sexual universe to our very own bodies.  We’ve [erroneously] come to believe that our sexuality depends upon the right external circumstances…. but in reality, sexuality arises from the inside out…. the work I am teaching in this book begins with you.”

Shirley, Kim and Jimmy are all serious students of Tantra, and as such have a deep understanding of the energy, connection and healing that comes from a deep intimate relationship with self, and the increased effects when we are able to share that connection with another. And they are quick to remind us that the overall physical health benefits of touch, pleasure and orgasm are heavily documented, and have each seen these benefits manifest in the folks they work with both in the world of Orgasmic Meditation, as well as the world of Tantra and sacred sexuality.

Kim explains, “OMing, as this practice is affectionately referred to, offers the opportunity to work within a strict protocol that creates a safe and secure environment to enter into the intimate world of clitoral massage regardless of your relationship status or sexual orientation.  This practice allows healing for both the woman who is receiving, and the wo/man doing the actual massage.”

The benefits to this practice are many.  Woman receiving the massage are offered the opportunity to practice receptivity, surrender, contemplation, and most importantly, to experience her own involuntary pleasure response, and how it moves (or doesn’t) through her mind, body and spirit.  In a world where many women are feeling depleted, exhausted, and overwhelmed, this practice gives women the opportunity to get filled up, turned on, and enlivened from the inside out.

On the other hand, the “giver”, or “stroker” is also deeply impacted.  S/he, as a “stroker”,  is given the unique opportunity to experience the female arousal system in a way that allows him/her to feel the potency of arousal, to become present with the emotions and feelings associated with that arousal, and to practice increased sensitivity, awareness and body sensations of their own.  “Strokers” often report as much, (and sometimes more!), benefit than the receivers themselves.

The benefits that both men and women report have astonished even these experienced Tantric Practitioners, and have made believers of many-the-skeptic. You can explore this practice on your own, from the comfort of your own computer, or join the Southern Oregon OM Interest Group for hands on practice.  Below is a small sampling of what some are saying about their experience of Orgasmic Meditation,  as quoted from Slow Sex by Nicole Dadeone:

“I feel so much more confident knowing that I’m giving my wife plesure every time.  Om is like the secrete ingredient.  The kind of sex we’re having the the kind I had always been looking for.’   ~Craig, 43

“I don’t think  I ever really felt sex before I started OMing.  Now I can feel m y sexual energy all the time, even after the OM is over.”  ~Jen, 31

“Since we’be been practicing Orgasmic Meditation, my girlfriend is so much more turned on.  I can’t believe how different it is to have sex with a woman who is truly turned on.”  ~Jon, 40

For more information about OMing, check out the videos on their website . For more about the Southern Oregon OM Interest group, or to register to attend the upcoming “Interest Group Training” scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 27, 2016 in Ashland, call Shirley at 541-941-9014 or drop her an email at

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