Learn the Ancient Healing Practice of Jade Egg

A Tool For Increased Pleasure and Vaginal Health

JadeEggExperienceTwo upcoming events in Portland, Oregon:

Wednesday, August 3
Introduction to Jade Egg
at SheBop, 909 N. Beech, Portland, OR
Click here for more information and to sign up!

Sunday, August 7
One Day Jade Egg Practice
at Everett House Healing Center, 2926 NE Flanders St, Portland, OR
Includes a FREE HOUR of soaking luxury at the spa!

Working/playing/exploring/expanding with a Jade Egg brings a deep and rich connection to a woman’s beautiful, pleasure-filled, wise, mystical and sacred yoni. This practice is both a deep, subtle energy practice as well as a physically strengthening exercise. It works on many different levels by connecting you with your own sexual energy and creating a revived awareness and control of the musculature of your vagina. Excellent for vaginal health, emotional wellness, and increased pleasure, vitality, creativity and aliveness. This practice is said to help with issues of PMS, perimenopause, incontinence, increased pleasure, vaginal strength, increased lubrication, libido and more.

To learn more about Jade Egg and watch my video, click here.

Register and pay here:

Jade Egg Immersion Experience - Portland, August 7
Jade Egg Immersion Experience - Portland, August 7
REGISTER NOW! A day of delight, discovery, exploration and sisterhood through utilization of movement, breath and jade egg practice. Sunday, August 7, 2016 at the Everett House in Portland, OR. 12:30-6pm. A FREE hour soak is included!
Price: $150.00

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